Our story

Collaborate whenever and wherever you want. Ravonet, a partner of Yeswork, is a total provider for Cloud solutions. With Ravonet’s Cloud solutions you can work independently at any desk at Yeswork in an inspiring and informal work environment.

Yeswork stands for working together in a community, daily networking, a mutual learning experience and delivering or develop beautiful, creative products and services. Not as individuals, but together. Flexible working with fitting solutions for everyone from a membership to a flex office to a private office.

With us you can rent a flex desk in our trendy concept store in the city centre of Amsterdam on the canals at very competitive prices. Need some groceries after work, on the way home? Yeswork is located very strategically and there are dozens of shops and supermarkets within walking distance.

Help your company gain valuable business contacts and want to meet other entrepreneurs? Ready to grow your business? Book a tour today!

All your IT & Telecom managed by Ravonet!


In addition to flexible workplaces, all your IT and Telecom can be managed by Ravonet! As a member of Yeswork you also enjoy great promotions and discounts.

Ravonet has been in the field of IT and Telecom in the bussines market for decades and that is why Yeswork works closely with Ravonet. Ravonet completely unburdens its customers and everything is setup in the Cloud.

Everything in the Cloud!
Via the Cloud of Ravonet you are, wherever you are, in a convenient way connected with your company. Workplace independent, safe, scalable and innovation are the pillars for the Ravonet Cloud.

In addition to Ravonet’s internet connections, all Ravonet products are offered from the secure Cloud. For the “always accessible guarantee”, Ravonet has several data centers worldwide.

Centrally located flexible workplaces


Waalwijk is a conveniently located and a perfect base for all major cities, both nationally and internationally.

From Waalwijk you are within a maximum of one hour drive in all major cities in the Netherlands, but also for example Oberhausen and Antwerp are not far from Waalwijk.

Amsterdam is of course the capital of the Netherlands and also very easily accessible by both car and public transport (or by bike).

Situated next to the canals, with a view of the Anne Frank house and the Westertoren. A unique location to work and share knowledge or roll out projects together.

How we can help you


Work together, share experiences and be inspired by and with other members of Yeswork at your flexible workplace or in your own private office.

Working in an informal setting with the team of Yeswork and other flexible workers combined with all the necessities of a modern office. If you have any special requests we are very happy to help you. Nothing is too crazy or impossible for us!