Access to the community and the ability to book your workplace.




The YesWork membership makes it easy to connect with other YesWork members who are looking for your services and perhaps will also offer services you need.


8:30 until 17:30 or 24/7 if your membership allows this


Additional daily workplace: 50 per day


Sleeping and relaxing in “The Old Silo”. 10% Discount on the overnight price.


  • Meeting rooms: from € 25 per hour
  • Handling mail and packages € 50, – per month


Frequently asked questions

No, this is only possible if you have a dedicated workplace or a private office membership.

Yes, to give everyone the best experience it’s required to book your workspace 24 hours before your visit.

If you have a dedicated desk or your own private office reserving is not necessary.

With a workspace, you have a high quality desk, chair, electricity outlets, WiFi and if the membership permits it closet space or warehouse space.

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Yes, this is possible (depending on your membership).

Yes this is possible on the surrounding public roads. Optionally, fixed parking spaces can also be rented for a monthly fee.

Yes, this is possible. You keep your own phone number.

Yes, this is possible. Ravonet is the telecommunications and IT provider partner of Yeswork.

Yes, Yeswork is located in the center of Breda, Den Bosch and Tilburg. Within an hour drive from Amsterdam and 45 minutes from Antwerp. Yeswork is located close to the motorway, to the center of Waalwijk and other roads. A bus, public transportation, stops in front of the door.

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