Work together, share experiences and be inspired by and with other members of Yeswork at your flexible workplace in trendy Amsterdam.



Flex desk Amsterdam

A flex desk is aimed at a flexible workplace with flexible access.

With our flexible desk plan you can come and go whenever you want. Just find a free spot at one of the flexible desks in the common area and you are all set to work.  When working at a different desk everytime you will have the possibilty to expand your network and possibly even start new collaborations.

Need a break? Yeswork Amsterdam is located in the city center. You can have lunch at our offices for example a soup or sandwich, but you can also explore one of the many lunchrooms alongside the canals or in the center.

Working in Amsterdam

Working in Amsterdam when and how often you want it, super flexible! Our flexible workplaces are accessible to everyone thanks to our height-adjustable desks and chairs.

Collaborate in a close team in Amsterdam and still have the opportunity to use the Yes community. Every space is ready to be adapted to the culture of the company.

You will be given a top class design desk which is adjustable in height. You will also get a chair, trash bin, cupboard and lamp.

The Yeswork offices are located on the Bloemgracht, right next to the canals!

Low monthly rates

You can already become a member of the Yeswork community from as low as €30 per month

The Yeswork membership makes it easy for you to make contact with other YesWork members from all over the world who are looking for your services and / or may offer services that you are looking for. Make national and international contacts by working together on your flex desk at Yeswork in the city center of Amsterdam.

With your Yes membership you get access to the community and the possibility to book a hotdesk.

Working tailor-made

All our desks, office chairs, flex workstations and workstations are height-adjustable and can be perfectly adjusted to your needs.

Whether you’re tall or small, want to work standing up or sitting down: it’s all up to you! We have high-quality desks that are automatically adjustable in height so you can work exactly the way you like it!

Want to recover from work? Order a sandwich or a nice soup in our cafeteria and relax in our lounge or eat your lunch in the sun at one of the canals, right in front of the door.

Do you have special wishes or needs? Make this known to our employees and we will do everything to help you as much as we can.

Will we see you soon in Amsterdam? You are most welcome!

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Why a flexible workplace in Amsterdam with YesWork is a good choice…

High-speed internet

Worldwide network

IT Support

City center Amsterdam

Processing of mail and packages

Advanced printers